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First floor has open living room area, dining area, kitchen and two air conditioned bedroom (Both have queen beds); Lower level has open rec area; with computer, 2 day beds and one bedroom with twin beds. Lower level is walkout to back yard.Lots of sports equipment including 2 kayaks, 2 bicyc les; Deck ...

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Nantucket Vacation Rentals

Book a unique Nantucket summer vacation rental
Nantucket in the summer has achieved almost mythical status. If you haven't experienced visiting here, you need to add it to your bucket list. And, why wait? Booking a summer rental in Nantucket will not be something you regret. The combination of natural beauty, beaches, outdoor attractions, and charming shops and restaurants that go way way beyond even the highest expectations. Nantucket is not just a destination, it really is a state of mind. 
This island is a national charm with over 50 miles that includes pristine beaches and almost 30,000 acres of natural beauty preserved and protected by law. Charming is an understatement when it comes to Nantucket’s main town and many historic sites. 
The island's unique beauty is so abundant that it’s hard to narrow down which summer rental in Nantucket is best for your trip. Considering the relatively small size of the island, Nantucket sure does have a lot of beautiful and clean beach options with areas like Siasconset/Sconset, Madaket, Cisco, Tom Nevers, and Surfside to name a few.
Nantucket, MA travel advice
Fun fact: there are just under 4,000 households on Nantucket, which means there's alot of competition for Nantucket vacation rentals. And with good reason. For such a small island, it has so many pristine beaches and picturesque locations. Check out this NASA image from space...see that yellow and white continuous border around Nantucket? That's the beach.
So, you really can't go wrong location-wise because the island feels small and just about everything is accessible. Summer (and year round!) visitors flock here: estimates are that 50,000 people vacation here during the summer months. Do the math: tens of thousands of vacationers and only a few thousand homes, even fewer vacation homes. Booking a summer rental in Nantucket is basically a competitive sport. Our advice? Start now!
Popular attractions
It may sound ridiculous, but the sunsets on Nantucket are a big draw. Perhaps the best summer sunsets on the east coast happen nightly on Nantucket beaches and, frankly, which to see first depends on who you ask. Madaket beach feels rustic and remote on Nantucket’s west end. It attracts families, couples, and locals alike as the warm summer days melt into color-filled evenings deftly created by the setting sun. Galley Beach and Cisco beach offer posh spots for beachgoers to enjoy a sunset as well.
The diversity and choices don’t stop at the beaches either. This tiny island has a picturesque and surprisingly bustling town center with high-end boutique shops and restaurants, and treasured spots recognizing the island’s history as a whaling hub. Adventurous travelers love Nantucket because after driving a rental Jeep directly on the beach out to Great Point Lighthouse, it’s a short trip to the other side of the island to visit Cisco Brewers' hip, farm-like outdoor digs for fun and refreshment. The Cisco brewery offers more than just beer -- they have a distillery, live music, and an amazing outdoor space that is great for larger-sized gatherings. Definitely check it out.
Its charm as a whaling and fishing community, which are its historical roots, permeates so many aspects of visiting the island. But for a surprisingly good time, especially for families, don't miss the Nantucket Whaling Museum, which is part of the Nantucket Historical Association. The NHA has attractions covering everything from women's suffrage movement to the anniversary of the Sinking of the Essex whaling ship in 1820. Few places in the United States can boast more history than Nantucket so try to sneak in a visit or two between beach adventures if you book a summer rental here.
Annual traditions and events
With a surprising number of year round residents, Nantucket has no shortage of annual traditions. Let's start in the summer, but the bottom line is: there's something for every traveler in basically every month of the calendar. 
The town and county of Nantucket is a great place to celebrate the 4th of July. The celebration peaks with a great fireworks display high about the wind and weather-washed shingled and white trimmed houses of the island. It's class America in every way. The tradition is great for families and includes Main Street activities on the 3rd and 4th that are great for families including Children's beach games like three-legged races and a tug-of-war. Red, white, and blue face paint is optional...but fun!
The Boston Pops play annually on Nantucket to benefit Nantucket Cottage Hospital. The event occurs on Jetties Beach and has been running for decades. It's a treat to hear the world-renowned orchestra in any venue, but this just hits different. As you can imagine, this event is deeply important to the residents and community. So, if you can swing it, we highly recommend experiencing this if you book a summer rental in Nantucket. 
The Nantucket Yoga Festival is building in popularity and if you're on the island during July, we suggest you check it out. It's a collection of instructors and wellness experts and includes some social events in addition to valuable opportunities to stretch, break and pick up some tips for healthy living. You know, stuff that you can bring off island and is probably better than anything from a gift shop. Just saying!
Shoulder season and winter can be a great opportunity to book a Nantucket vacation rental -- prices, while still high, are below peak during this time, generally. Christmas on Nantucket is a special experience for everyone, but especially for families. The Annual Christmas Stroll was started in the early 1970s to retain year-round residents from leaving the island to do their shopping! Now, the first week of December features Christmas tree-lined streets decorated by residents with hundreds of decorations, and holiday lights abound on restaurants and shops. Even the Nantucket Whaling Museum is doused with festive decorations and lights. This is real family fun and merriment for those who celebrate Christmas. A must.
Popular restaurants and food options
The idyllic island of Nantucket consists of one historically preserved main town surrounded by smaller, seaside communities and the natural beauty of picturesque moors and beaches. Across all of the island, however, are world-class restaurants, gastronomic experiences and food options throughout. Here's the deal: we're going to highlight a few favorites, but you have to visit to understand there's more great food here than can be adequately summarized here.
The food scene here, while diverse, is headed with spots that aren't shy about their offerings and that's often reflected on the menu prices. But, you're on the island already so you may as well indulge! For an upscale yet "casual-chic" take on New American food, Galley Beach is a must. It's a restaurant on Jetties beach with a west-facing orientation. So if you're lucky enough to book a Nantucket summer rental, be sure you try to lock down a reservation here near sunset. All you can do is check the sunset times and cross your fingers you get good weather!
Another experience for some upscale seafood is the popular Straight Wharf located directly in historic downtown. It's a see-and-be-seen place but the food is dynamite and it's close to the action so you can wander the waterfront after dinner and feel like you're in paradise (because you are!).
Ok, how about some great, but perhaps more accessible spots? 
Millie's is an iconic, yet relaxed seafood experience on the west end of the island on the way to Madaket beach. The first choice would be a table on the patio, but if that's not available checkout the upstairs section for a view and some great seafaring decor. If you go, try the Mexican street corn if it's on the menu.
The Proprietors bar & table is relaxed and a local favorite. It's on India Street in Nantucket's Downtown Historic District. The bar has so much character, you should belly up! They have a great Sunday brunch too. But this is a must try for any meal you can fit in.
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There is no place on earth like Nantucket island. You should move FAST to book the perfect summer rental on Nantucket because it's super competitive and, as the saying goes, they're not making more land! Luckily for you, we have an outstanding selection of rental houses on Get going now, find a few vacation rentals on our Nantucket page and inquire today!